3-day Kjerag Winter Basecamp Trek

About 10,000 years ago, the last ice age ended and massive glaciers scraped their way from the mountain tops down toward sea level. In the process, Norway’s rugged landscapes, most notably its fjords, were formed. At some point, the famous Kjerag boulder was wedged into a mountain crevasse. Ever since, the ‘Majesty of the Lysefjord’ has been suspended a heart-stopping 984 meters over the fjord.


Join Outdoorlife Norway on a 3-day winter hiking/camping trip to the famous Kjerag boulder and breathe in the silence of Norway’s vast wilderness and pristine mountain air. Trek in solitude through a winter wonderland while encountering breathtaking views of the Lysefjord. Camp under the stars in high-quality, spacious winter tents at our Kjerag Basecamp. Experience the exhilaration of standing on Kjerag’s cliff side, almost a kilometer above the fjord below. 


More Difficult: Suitable for adults (16 yrs. +) who are in very good condition, and have previous hiking experience.


This is a demanding 3-day, 25-kilometer trek with a total ascent of 1,250 meters.

Day 1: 8 km, ascent 825 meters, descent 75 meters

Day 2: 9 km, ascent 350 meters, descent 350 meters

Day 3: 8 km, ascent 75 meters, descent 825 meters

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Day 1 - Friday

Your journey begins when your professional guide picks you up in Stavanger city-center at approximately 11:30pm (see above for specific pick-up times and locations). At Outdoorlife Norway´s head quarter, you will receive an instruction and safety briefing to get you ready for the expedition. It is also a great opportunity to get to know the guide(s) and other participants a little bit.

After the briefing, we´ll be transported to the base of the fjord, catching glimpses of some of the region’s many natural landscapes. You’ll then cruise the full length of the Lysefjord by ferry, during which you’ll see world-renowned Preikestolen from below, as well as getting your first glimpses of the Kjerag Boulder. Once back ashore, your guide will lead you on a 8-kilometer-long hike starting at the fjord’s edge and upward to an altitude of 825 meters above sea-level.


Most of today´s hike follows a spectacular winter-closed road, switchbacking its way up through 26 hairpin turns from the village of Lysebotn up to the Sirdal mountains. We will be using spikes or snowshoes if necessary. The last kilometer will be off-road, to reach our pre-set up Kjerag Basecamp, located in a beautiful snow-covered valley. We´ll be walking with headlamps through the twilight of the falling night.


At Kjerag Basecamp, you can move into your new home for the next two nights, while your guide will prepare a hearty Norwegian stew that will warm both your body and soul. If you’re lucky, you’ll even enjoy a beautiful sunset over the fjord.


Day 2 - Saturday

This time of year, at higher altitudes, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll encounter snow and ice. Your guide has the experience and know-how, and will provide you with hiking poles, spikes, and snowshoes. While the sun rises over the mountains, your guide will lead you up to the Kjerag boulder. This portion of the trek is about 4.5 kilometers long and consists of two slopes that are interspersed with a valley. Breathe in the crisp, cool mountain air and experience the magic of hiking in solitude before the beginning of the high-season.


Once you reach the edge of the mountain’s plateau, while standing on a 1000-meter-high cliff, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the 42-kilometer-long Lysefjord: some of the most dramatic scenery Fjord-Norway has to offer. At the boulder, hanging a heart-stopping 984 meters above the fjord. you will have time to relax and enjoy your packed lunch.


We have dedicated a full day to be able to hike in peace and having enough time to enjoy Kjerag in winter conditions. After lunch, we will return to Kjerag Basecamp for another night in winter wonderland. Experience Norway’s long cold winter while sleeping under the stars!


If weather conditions are favorable, you may also have the opportunity to participate in a sunset and/or moonlight hike (optional).


Day 3 - Sunday

The last morning, we have time to sleep in a little bit and enjoy the tranquility of the area. If you have lots of energy left, you have the opportunity to participate in some more snow activities. After lunch, it´s time to get down from the mountains and back to civilisation. The 8 kilometer decent back down to the fjord, will take approximately 3 hours. Your trip will end with a cruise back out to the mouth of the fjord, followed by transportation back to Stavanger.


The tour ends in Stavanger at approximately* 17.45 (5.45pm).
*Due to the possibility of changing weather conditions, your trip may last longer than approximated.



  • Transportation
  • Ferry through the Lysefjord
  • Professional guide carrying navigation, safety, first-aid, and winter/outdoor equipment
  • Snow shoe equipment
  • Accommodation in winter tents
  • Winter camping equipment (sleeping mat, winter sleeping bag incl. liner)
  • Warm shoes and down jackets to be used in / around camp
  • Dinner and breakfast
  • Hot beverages and snacks


  1. Stavanger