Kayak lunch tour

A 3 hour guided kayak tour around the amazing Jørpeland Islands. Fter paddling a bit, we will stop on one of the beaches and will serve you sandwiches, soda/water, and coffee on this tour. And of course the local prodused Lefse!

No kayak experience needed. Safety information, and basic kayaktechnique given by or guides.

We also serve you the local history, and nature facts. Normally double kayaks, but single also possible.

Please call or write us when you are interested in this tour. And we will help you to find a date and time together to explore our area!
post@fjordexpedition.com , tel: 004797737448







our guides will serve you local history, geology facts from the Iceage, wich clearly can be seen in the area!

A lot of close up wildlife, like salmonjumping, and birds flying around us. Our guide has waterproof cameras, and actioncamera on his kayakbow, possible to cach the best moment on tape!
Possible to buy pictures from the tour


  1. Jørpeland